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Penny boards have become the popular choice when it comes to skateboards nowadays. They are portable because of the small size, convenient because of its light mass, functional because of its speed, durable because of its materials, and stylish because of the different colors that it comes with. Because of the increase in demand, many manufacturing companies have been trying to put out the best penny boards one can find in the market.

Eightbit penny board

One of the companies that have been making waves when it comes to top-quality penny boards is Eightbit. This is a brand that produces skateboards focused on safety. Although it might not seem “cool”, it is actually what makes the brand so popular. For the record, skateboarding isn’t a physically demanding sport. However, because more and more people are starting to use it, the younger generation is becoming more reckless in using them.

Because it is more popular with the youth, they are bound to be injured if they are not properly trained or if they are not careful. Sometimes, they might even get into accidents because of the nature of these skateboards. However, Eightbit knows all of that and has incorporated the best safety measures in order to keep the customer safe while using their product.

One of the products that this penny board maker released is the Eightbit 22 Inch Complete Skateboard. It is a compact penny board that comes in bright and fun colors, with some models having the feature of being able to glow in the dark. But aside from the amazing design, the safety features are what really catches everyone’s attention. The following are some of its safety features.

  • Grip
    • It is already hard enough to keep a firm position on a long board, imagine staying balanced on top of a penny board, a significantly smaller skateboard that can become unstable at certain speeds. Eightbit has considered that and has added an extra grip feature for the penny boards that they produce. The ridges all over the deck of the board give maximum security as long as you learn how to use them properly.
  • Flexibility
    • Another key feature that contributes to the safety policy of this penny board maker is its flexibility. Plastic is the material used for the deck of the board and the material that they used is as flexible as it is allowed to be. Because of that, it absorbs a lot of the strain from landing and riding through rough surfaces. Furthermore, due to its flexibility, it has a longer lifespan that most skateboards.
  • Stability
    • Unlike a lot of long boards and even other penny boards, the trucks used for this product are particularly wide. That makes it easier for a beginner to ride this product without much difficulty. Those that have much more narrow trucks become quite unstable if they are to make the speed faster. With this feature, it really does make a difference due to its wider area as well as lighter composition.

There have been many high-quality penny boards under the name of Eightbit and it’s not a surprise that it is a company that vies for the top position in the market of skateboards. No matter how fancy the skateboard is, it won’t be worth buying if it is not safe to use. With this penny board, you will not have to worry too much when your kids ride them on the streets of your neighborhood or at the park. Of course, with adult supervision, the products from Eightbit are definitely great products to give to your children, or for yourself.

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