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Penny Boards have the design of skateboards in the 1970s, when skateboarding just started. This glow in the dark 4.2-pound skateboard with a 22 x 7 x 7 inches dimension has the size that makes it perfect for cruising anywhere and can fit in backpacks and lockers. This board takes the rider to anywhere he or she wants to go, with style.

The Penny board is considered by many as the original plastic skateboard, and the only one at that. Plastic skateboards debuted in mid-1970s and were one of the stylish and finest. Their surface area and sharp turns make them perfect to go anywhere. Penny is also a reputable brand in the skateboard market, known for giving attention to detail with the boards compared to other brands. Riders would know the difference as soon as they step on a board.


The glow in the dark Penny board embodies its maker, which name is associated with freedom, fun and high quality components. It has the sturdy and strong plastic expected from Penny. The skateboard looks like a ghostly transparent white deck with the retro design. Its magnificence comes when the sun goes down, as the board glows in the dark. The bolts, wheels and trucks are invisible at night so the focus is on the glowing deck as if the rider cruises the streets on a hover board.


The trucks of the Penny skateboard are powder-coated and are from A grade aluminum, hence, it is lightweight but strong, perfect for tight turning and cruising. It board features super smooth wheels with the Penny Abec7 bearings credited for the smoothest rides.

glow in the dark penny boards


With a price range of $68 to a thousand dollars on Amazon and lower prices on select options, the glow in the dark Penny board is original and genuine. One could never go wrong with owning it. Skateboard fanatics find skating is more fun and never regret buying a this board as it feels it would last forever.

What People Said

Some had a bad experience with this glow in the dark board’s bearing which started to make noises after two weeks. Others received it and felt something was already wrong with the bearings. One user who admitted it looked like a decent board but felt flimsy when he stepped on the board. His brother’s skateboard purchased from a skate shop was better. His was ordered from Amazon.

A user purchased this glow in the dark board and felt it was the best decision she made in the summer. The board for her was so liberating every time she rides it to work. She just discovered anyone can learn to ride. She loves the way it glows in the evening.

A 23-year-old skater has a car but loves his Penny board in exploring cities and towns. He suggests novice skaters get this board even if it seems expensive than the brands because it is good to start right.


  • Durable
  • Perfect transportation tool
  • Does not need to upgrade bearings


  • Gets dirty fast
  • Does not glow until being under the sun for a long time
  • One bought from Amazon was less impressive compared to the one bought from a skate shop
  • A customer received a skateboard that looked used
  • Flimsy board


The Penny board as a stylish transportation tool. To some, it is a colorful and friendly introduction to skateboarding. However, it is a transportation tool that brings people from one place to another, a good mix of a skateboard and a public transit. The big wheels let riding over cracks and bumps smoothly. The big bushings on the trucks make it good for sharp and soft turns. It is a long board in a small unit that offers a great cruising experience. Hence, favorable reviews from customers outnumber the negative ones.

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