Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board Review

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Craving up the road with a perfect board is just a fantastic feeling for extreme or casual skateboard player. However, with all the kinds of skateboards out there, it may be hard to choose if one is a perfect fit. Here, we’ll be giving a comprehensive review of its functionality and style. We’ll also see if this is a good board for beginners or amateurs.


Kryptonics is a company which originally produces skateboard wheels since 1965. They innovate wheels to a new level with a technology called urethane. Not long ago, reputable skateboard producers came to integrate polyurethane in their wheels. On the other hand, Bravo Europe manufactures varying skateboards under the Kryptonics name, which explains why there are no traces of Kryptonics skateboards in their website.

Though the Kryptonics skateboard brand can be purchased across Amazon, Target, and Walmart for about $30 – $140, this doesn’t mean that they are sub-par materials. It is actually based on the person’s personal preference of the skateboards.

The Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board: is it a good board?

The Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board comes with variations of colored wheels and decks. It also comes with printed deck designs in different colors that you prefer.

Similar to a Penny Board, a Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board can be purchased in either 22.5 inch or 28 inch length. The type to choose is depending on your preference for comfort ability. For those who are still starting to carve the streets, then a long board is a good choice. Because the usual 22.5 inch is used for flexibility in varying stunts for skateboarding.

The 22.5 x 6 inch plastic deck is structured by molded square surface to avoid sliding. Though the design of its grip surface is not that effective, one may place grip tapes all over for it to have a perfect grip on shoes. Noticeable in its structure is a slight upward slope at the nose surface, called kickstand, which is used for skateboarding tricks. Moreover, the deck is surprisingly durable and has minimal scratches after 3 run overs of a car, durable like a Penny Board.

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Also, a distinct area below the board specifies its weight limit of 110 lbs. This is just the preferable weight limit, but skaters of up to 180 lbs can use it without any problem.

With its 83A Kyrptonics branded urethane wheels measuring 62mm in diameter and 51mm wide, one is assured of a speedy yet smooth ride. Also, a cupped recess is installed on both sides for additional support and movement. Though there are testimonials of it being noisy, it still depends on the skateboarder. There are some that aren’t really affected by the noise, since it is an additional feature to other expensive brands.

Apart from this, it is obvious that it uses ABEC 5 bearings and 3.25 inch trucks, which is slightly the same as the Penny Board Australia. Very ideal for children and entry level skateboarding, the amount of support and speed that this penny board offers is impressively good for the price.

Final verdict for the Kryptonics Torpedo 

Though the Kryptonics Torpedo is especially made for entry level skateboarding, there are professionals who even use this. Hugely cheaper than the famous brand out there, this penny board is sure to carve a long way.

All in all, Kryptonics Torpedo is an amazingly good board for beginners and even pro skaters. A little customization like changing the brushing and bearings is optional if you want to manipulate the board easily. Applying oil to the wheels also helps in giving additional speed. One can get away with a functional and good board below $50.

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