Element skateboards was established in 1992 and for 25 years they’ve been on the vanguard of skating culture. A truly global brand, Element is committed to making some of the best decks with the cleanest aesthetic around. There are three things that set Element apart from other brands: 1) the clean aesthetic of red, black and white mixed with the tree logo, 2) the eco-friendly mindset that Element bases all their business decisions and 3) the commitment to bettering the sport of skateboarding.


If you skate an Element deck, everyone at the skate park will immediately know you have good taste in skateboarding decks. A lot of Element’s graphics are subtle, but they’re always bold. Plus, they’re made with a commitment to honoring the wood and turning it into a skateboard that’s built to last. There’s a reason Element has a tree for their logo. Element makes their boards with the highest quality trees available, and they’re committed to replanting the trees they harvest so the eco-system can be replenished. Not every skateboard company can claim to stand for something “bigger” than the sport. Yet, it fits so naturally that Element is concerned with Green business practices since they’re entire aesthetic is inspired by the beauty of nature.

We chose our favorite three Element boards for all styles of riders and list them below. They’re fast, sturdy and have a sharp graphic that will look amazing when you’re airborne. If you’re in the market for a new deck, you’re sure to get a solid purchase if you check out these three.



best element skateboard deck


The Section uses the classic Element design to produce a quality board that looks cool and functions great. It’s a great starter deck, but it’s also the same deck a pro can skate. The Section decks were especially popular among the U.S. Element sponsored team. If you want a board that has the classic Element aesthetic, the Section is perfect. The deck is standard 7.75’’ wide, 31.5 inches long. It’s a lightweight board that has a lot of pop and is perfect for skating vert or street. The graphic calls to mind the four elements, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. You can be sure that the Section is made with the same quality of all Element decks.

If you buy it from the included link, you’ll get the complete board with all the components including Core Trucks, 52mm TGM Goth Logo Wheels, Amphetamine Abec 5 Bearings, Black Diamond Griptape, 1″ Hardware and 1/8″ risers. This is a great deal for a professional quality deck since you get everything you need to start skating right when the package arrives at your house.



element skateboard

The Quadrant foregoes the Element brand name and instead has four Element Tree logos, hence the name, Quadrant. The iconic Tree logo is integral to the Element brand. They use the finest quality of wood to craft their boards and in some ways the tree logo is a sigil, dreaming for a world that takes better care of it’s environment. Because Element is committed to using the best wood, they end up making some of the best decks in the industry. Higher quality materials always delivers the highest quality product. And what is a skateboard, really, other than a polished piece of wood?

Again, the complete Quadrant deck deal listed in the link comes with  with all the components including Core Trucks, 52mm TGM Goth Logo Wheels, Amphetamine Abec 5 Bearings, Black Diamond Griptape, 1″ Hardware and 1/8″ risers. You’re getting a pro board, plus very good components for much less than if you bought the board and components seperately.




Finally, we have the Heartagram board. This is one of Bam Margera’s decks, who is perhaps the most famous skater on the Element brand. His show, Viva La Bam, raised the profile of Element and sent them into the mainstream. One of Bam’s obsessions is the band Him and this board has the Him logo on it displayed prominently. Something you’ll notice that’s the same with both the Element logo and the Him logo is the simplicity of design. Many old school skaters will remember these logos being etched into notebooks, school desks, and drawn on backpack with sharpie. Bam is an accomplished street skater so this deck is perfect for doing tricks and showing off amongst friends.

This deck is also a complete deck deal. It comes with premium components like Havoc Silver Trucks, Black Blank wheels, Flash ABEC 3 Two-Tone Bearings, Shorty’s Hardware and Element Logo Graphic Grip Tape. With these components, you’ll have your board ready to ride when it gets to your house. This board is perfect for skating street and doing tricks and grinds, but it’s also got enough speed to make a dent in the pipe.



Element is an essential brand for the culture of skating. Every skater knows the iconic tree logo, because Element makes a top quality board with the best materials possible. They also have skaters from all over the world on their teams. There’s an Element team for the U.S., Europe and Australia. It makes sense for the Element brand to be concerned about skating globally, because saving the planet is one of the stated missions of Element skateboards.

All these reasons are why so many skaters have chose to skate Element for the past 25 years. First, they make really solid decks out of the best quality wood available. Second, they have a clean, recognizable aesthetic of red, white and black—plus the iconic tree logo. Finally, they have a globally focused mission to be environmentally sustainable as well as sponsor skating culture and skateboarders from countries around the world. If you rep Element, other skaters will immediately understand that you’re committed to art, the environment and most of all, skateboarding.