Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board Review

Nothing beats carving up the road, park, or footpath with a good penny board. People of all talents and abilities can appreciate the feeling. The only difficulty of the experience is settling on a single brand and board to buy.

The sheer amount of choice available when it comes to choosing a skateboard means that many shoppers may find themselves wondering where to start. This issue may be aggravated further via the existence of fake and imitation products to the skating industry, which may put some shoppers off from making a decision altogether.

The good news is that there are some brands that one can buy with confidence knowing that they have been vetted by the skating community at large.

Many skaters around the world have been looking very closely at the Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board for some great reasons that we’ll go into later. In this post, we’ll dissect the penny board’s functionality and style, as well as give you the lowdown on if it’s a good fit for beginner or amateur skaters.

Kryptonics Torpedo Original22.5"
Kryptonics Torpedo Cruiser28"

About Kryptonics

For starters, let’s examine the Kryptonics brand. The good news is that Kryptonics originally started selling skateboard wheels in the 1960s and innovated a new kind of wheel technology called urethane. They were also one of the first companies to integrate polyurethane into their boards, thus giving the bearings more spin and smoother control.

Kryptonics is known as a popular household name of skateboards, as they can be purchased from big box stores such as Target and Walmart, as well as online shopping stores such as Amazon. The price range for most boards is in the $40 – $150 range, making them affordable for a range of budgets while still delivering premium performance.

Our Review

One thing we loved about the Torpedo Penny Board from Kryptonics is that it comes with a multitude of different color wheels and decks. You can also choose from printed deck designs that suit your personal style.

There are also some sizing options available for the Torpedo: you can choose between a 22.5 inch or 28 inch length. What size you choose really comes down to your preferences for riding and comfort. To make the issue of size easier for you, smaller would be better if you’re starting out, as this will give you more flexibility and control while performing tricks. While the 28 inch model will give you more speed and traction when going down steep inclines.

The 22.5 inch model has a square surface to prevent unwanted slips and drop offs when you’re on the board. One minor complaint that some riders hard with the board is that its surface was not as grippy as some of the other boards out there. Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem through the use of grip tape and by wearing a solid pair of skate shoes.

One thing you’ll notice right away with the Torpedo is that it has a slope at its nose, which is sometimes called a kickstand. This little feature will help you perform the most difficult of tricks with ease.

You also won’t need to worry about the board snapping, breaking, or warping out of shape as Penny Boards are notoriously durable. Kryptonics claims that their invention can withstand even a car running over the top of it with ease – and up to three times!


The area below the Torpedo Penny Board has a weight limit of 110 pounds, which is the recommended amount of weight that should be placed on its surface. However, 110 pounds is the recommended weight, and not the maximum as skaters of up to 180 pounds can use it without problem.

The 83A Kryptonics urethane wheels measure at 62mm in diameter and 51mm wide. The extra length and size of the wheels means that your penny board is going to travel for longer and won’t be impacted as much as by the environment than those that use smaller wheels. The extra recess you get on either side of the deck adds to its support and stability.

One thing to note about the board is that some skaters may find it a bit too noisy for their liking, which is due to the extensive amount of extra features the company has thrown together to make this board possible. On the other hand, an extra bit of noise could be seen as a small price to pay for some extra traction and speed when it matters the most, so it all comes down to personal preference.

Finally, the Torpedo uses ABEC 5 bearings and 3.25 inch trucks. These specs make it ideal for entry level skaters and even for children and teenagers to get up and running with this board. The extra support you get from quality trucks and bearings are well worth the investment and are good value for money.

A Few Models Of The Torpedo

Original (22.5 Inch)

kryptonics torpedo 22.5 inch

Cruiser (28 Inch)

kryptonics torpedo cruiser 28 inch


The Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Board was made with the beginner in mind, as everything from its basic construction through to high quality parts and trucks makes it very easy to get started with. However, even professional skaters are known to use the this board, and it can be purchased at a fraction of the price of some other models.

In short, the Torpedo could be an ideal option for beginners as well as pro skaters. And of course you can add your own little customizations to the deck if you choose such as changing the trucks and bearings — yet most of the time skaters would be better off going with the stock option.

Although the Torpedo is not without its flaws: namely the extra noise it produces when it moves along and the difficulty in customizing some parts of the board, it still remains a crowd favorite among skaters, and is becoming an enormously popular brand in the United States and abroad.




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